Happy customers
Happy customers Other customers enjoying a day with us
Daaibooi Bay
Daaibooi Bay Daaibooi Bay is a good spot for snorkeling and family day out on our tour journey you will be delighted. There is plenty to enjoy of landscape and sea bottom.
Caracasbaai Come and enjoy a lifetime experience at this beautiful bay of caracasbaai with our crystal clear canoe's at this beautiful bay. Good area for fishing and no fishinder needed because you can see them all.
Crystal Clear Canoe Curacao
Crystal Clear Canoe Curacao A spectacular view at Fort Beekenburg at Caracasbaai
Happy customers from Canada
Happy customers from Canada Happy customers from Canada enjoying beautiful landscape and see bottom ant Caracasbaai
Happy customers
Happy customers Happy customers from Brazilian group enjoying our serviceses
Fuikdag the biggest beach party at Curacao
Fuikdag the biggest beach party at Curacao Fuikdag is the biggest beach party event on the island of Curacao. This take place every year on the first sunday of january. So book with us on time so you don't miss this big event of the year.
Casabou Bay
Casabou Bay Casabou Bay is one of the spectacular bay's on the island of curacao and that's why we recommend you our South West Tour so you don't miss beautiful beach.
Bue Room
Bue Room Blue Room is one of the places on the route of our South West Coast tour. Is a under water cave with white sand, a stunning place for under water filming and pictures.
Local group with us at Caracasbaai
Local group with us at Caracasbaai We had a great time out with a local group at Caracasbaai.
Last sunday 29/09/2019
Last sunday 29/09/2019 Happy Brazilian customers enjoying our canoes and nice clear water at Caracasbaai.
Sunken Tugboat At Caracasbaai
Sunken Tugboat At Caracasbaai While you are at caracasbaai why not visit the sunken tugboat with our crystal clear canoes? we have a daily 2 hours tour everyday 7 day's a week.
Caracasbaai Clear Water
Caracasbaai Clear Water At Caracasbaai there is plenty to do, fitness walk,hiking,snorkeling,diving,photographing, and beach party till late night. there is public transport from punda city centre till 10pm and if you need a taxi we also can recommend you. Is just 10 minutes walk from some resorts on the top of Jan thiel hill.
Playa Hulu
Playa Hulu Playa Hulu is also part of those historic bay's of curacao, plenty to see there by land and sea bottom. well recommended beach for relax and tranguility
Come and enjoy with us at Caracasbaai
Come and enjoy with us at Caracasbaai We have plenty spaces for a big group
People love our service
People love our service A group of brazilians enjoying the day with us at Caracasbaai.
Playa Portomari
Playa Portomari Playa Portomari is near by where our south west coast tour journey start. beautiful crystal clear water and nice landscape. Nice place for a family day out.
SunSet Bay
SunSet Bay SunSet Bay is on the entrance of Santa Marta Bay, Beautiful resort with ocean view and nature, on of the best places for diving and snorkel at this area of bandabou.
Playa Hundu
Playa Hundu Playa Hundu is a historic bay where the French and the Spanish armada had a battle in the colonies time. beautiful landscape and sea bottom. good spot for snorkel and scuba diving.
Santa Cruz Bay
Santa Cruz Bay Santa Cruz Bay is one of the Beaches on our south west coast tour, beautiful white strand beach for relax and snorkeling. a great family day out spot on the west of curacao island.
Nice view of the landscape and clear water
Nice view of the landscape and clear water here you can have a view of wat you can enjoy with Crystal Clear Canoe Curacao. Beautiful landscape and Clear sea bottom.



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