Crystal Clear Canoe Curacao is the new way of Kayaking and Fishing on the island of Curacao. 
While you enjoying the landscape you also enjoy the beautiful sea bottom of the island and no fishfinder needed for the fishermens, yes this is a smart way of fishing.
We are based at Caracasbaai Beach by a historic area near the Spanish Water, just 10minutes
walk from Janthiel. There is Public transport from Punda city centre near the Post Office bus stop.

We offer tours twice a week on the south west coast snorkel area where you can enjoy some nice baech bay.

Our canoe's  are made of very strong materials and with double seat so two person in one, we provide lifejackets and waterproof phone bags to protect your phone.
We take tour booking for groups of 10 or 20 person in one go' with early notice date and time.

Come enjoy a life time expirience, you will be delighted 
Note: Due to the Coronavirus we are taking bookings only from Tourist who are on the island at the moment.
       If you want to make reservation call us at +5999 6736097 Wattsap.


This is a vieuw of Caracasbaai Bay where we are based just on the beach area , beautiful nature and historic places. there is access to the top of the fort where you have a nice over vieuw on the bay




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